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They often say :
The devil is in the details ,… quiet frankly I cannot really understand this sentence.
I feel like it is only an insignificant détail among all the details that are necessary in order to gather all the pieces and create what is called a masterpiece.
And for the reach of perfect we as human always need to try… to stumble and try again … this is called Hard work.
In that attempt of reaching perfect I feel like there is nothing wrong with that .
We all know only God is perfect right !
So why would it be a bad thing to consider reaching that perfect in our own scale?
This why I’m talking about Trudon candles .
They work hard since centuries in order to maintain their high level of « savoir faire »
But not only, they are really about keeping that memory alive by keeping the same identity.
And having only the desire to inspire the future generations to understand their work ethic and work spirit is their ultimate goal.
Because there are things we learn that do not belong to the books but only belong to exploring our 6 senses.
I’ve tried several candles in my humble life , but still I’m seduced to this by La maison Trudon.
Abdel Kader: reminded my rooted but not only it really helped me to re connect with that portion of my life that I was missing . …
Bringing me to Nazareth candle the cinnamon scent reminded me my cousins from Israel …
And last but not least the Rose One , as a future prediction to that lovely Era that is waiting for us.
As an active consumer of this candles, and if you are in look of a very qualitative and meaningful product during this holiday season, well you should pay a little more money 💰 and invest in order to get that beautiful experience but not only, having also to understand and getting inspired by the «work spirit» that goes along with that «work ethic».
Wishing you a beautiful holiday season.

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