As a a current student in interior design, recent owner of a 200 square meters, with a large garden .
Having to live in that much space is kinda new to me.
Thank God because it is a real opportunity and I’m such a lover of those big mention with a signature touch.
This house is on 3 floors, it is such a challenge in term or readjustment and refurbishment.
When I talk about readjustment, I’m talking about those security basics:
The electric boards, you need to check if it is secure and if it’s not you need to put all the basics in place in order to assure that security system in the house.
Secondly, the heating system : if it is on fuel or gaz. Please Check the aerospace and the removal water vapor and air systems.
Once those in place, you need to check the locking system . The main doors and the windows…. Even the shutters.. they need to be secured also in case of any home-breaking.
The most important thing is also the : set the alarm, and make sure that your home is under a good contract in term on assurance to prevent to any water damage related or not to rainy or stormy days .
Okay once those in place :
The importance of a good cleaning is vital, remember…. !A house is not a home if not a good house keeper in there.
And in term of house keeping as an architect student, I’d rather do my own cleaning program , this way I get to know and master every corner of the space but also get that reflecting moments that able me to measure visually the rooms and organize the futures furnitures emplacements.
In term of using products : using natural resources just as black soap is a golden standard.
Otherwise , I do prefer having casually some cleaning sessions in order to enjoy every single time each space in each the floor, having that proper maintenance cleaning agenda is the key … when in big spaces.
And to finish, always remember having those lights : candle or electric lights that could be adjusted in order to set the right mood at the right time.
The goal here, is to enjoy your own space that you can know call your home.

messeyes personnal sketches

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